Turtle Veterinary Services

Explore all of the services that we can provide for your hard-shelled friend. Contact us today to find out how we can help!

Turtle Vet Services

Explore all of the services that we can provide for your hard-shelled friend. Contact us today to find out how we can help!

Why Turtles Make Great Pets

Birds can make great pets for someone wanting a pet that is intelligent, charismatic and a great companion. In Australia we have many available varieties, from the small budgie or canary, right through to the exotic alexandrines or macaws, each with their own nutrition and socialisation requirements.

Turtle Specific Services

General Turtle Health Checks


Emergency Turtle Care


Turtle Hospitalisation


Critical Care for Turtles


Turtle X-Rays


Blood Tests for Turtles


Blood Transfusions for Turtles


Turtle Shell Fracture Repair


Intravenous Fluids for Turtles


Turtle Dietary Testing


Turtle Parasite Testing


Turtle Endoscopy


Water Testing


Turtle Faecal Testing


Turtle Specific Services

  • General Turtle Health Checks
  • Emergency turtle care
  • Turtle hospitalisation
  • Critical Care and Treatment for turtles
  • Turtle X-Rays
  • Blood tests for turtles
  • Blood transfusions for turtles
  • Turtle shell fracture repair
  • Intravenous fluids for turtles
  • Turtle dietary testing
  • Turtle parasite testing
  • Turtle endoscopy
  • Water testing
  • Turtle faecal testing

What Turtle Owners Say About Us

We’re committed to providing the best service and health outcomes for turtle owners. We take pride in our reputation for excellence in turtle health.

Dr Jac and the team are fantastic! They’re understanding, extremely knowledgable, patient, thorough and really friendly. My turtle Torvi is in very capable hands at BEAC.


Facebook Review

Although the staff couldn’t save our baby turtle, Squirt, the care they took with him was fantastic. Very caring. We highly recommend BEAC to anyone in need. We will be back for our next turtle, when the time comes, to ensure it’s health and wellbeing are at its peak. Thank you everyone for your care of Squirt during his short time there.


Facebook Review

Chocolate the Murray River Turtle

“Chocolate” the Murray River Turtle having an endoscopy procedure at the Bird and Exotic Animal Clinic. This rigid endoscope allows us to visualise the patients internal organs and to take any biopsies if needed…all through a tiny little incision. We also placed an oesophageal feeding tube during the procedure. He woke up really well from the anaesthetic and is making improvements day by day.

Mr Bovice and Captain Crunch

Our resident turtle Captain Crunch isn’t just a pretty face, he also saves lives. Here he is after donating much needed blood to the smaller turtle, Mr Bovice, who has been in hospital with anaemia (not enough blood).

Both are doing well and Crunch enjoyed his extra helping of food (his favourite thing in the world). We are very grateful to this big fellow and so are the patients whose lives he can save.

Thank you Crunch!

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