Amphibian Veterinary Services

Explore all of the services that we can provide for your web-toed friend. Contact us today to find out how we can help!

Amphibian Vet Services

Explore all of the services that we can provide for your web-toed friend. Contact us today to find out how we can help!

Why Amphibians Make Great Pets

Amphibians have such a unique way of life, and are perfect for those with small living areas or busy lives. Generally low maintenance, they offer a heap of companionship for only a fraction of the size.

Amphibian Specific Services

General Amphibian Health Checks

Emergency Amphibian Care

Amphibian Hospitalisation

Critical Care for Amphibians

Amphibian X-Rays

Amphibian Endoscopy

Amphibian Dietary Advice

Fluid therapy for Amphibians

Blood Tests for Amphibians

Water Testing

Amphibian Faecal Testing

Amphibian Specific Services

  • General amphibian health checks
  • Emergency amphibian care
  • Amphibian hospitalisation
  • Critical care for amphibians
  • Amphibian X-Rays

  • Amphibian endoscopy
  • Dietary advice for amphibians

  • Fluid therapy for amphibians
  • Blood tests for amphibians
  • Water testing

  • Amphibian faecal testing

What Amphibian Owners Say About Us

We’re committed to providing the best service and health outcomes for amphibian owners. We take pride in our reputation for excellence in amphibian health.

Very helpful, understanding and very caring staff, nurses and vets. Have amazing capability in handling small animals. Couldn’t recommend them anymore than I can.

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Sticky the Frog

Meet Sticky the 12 year old green tree frog, who had a damaged eye that was beyond repair. Sticky was anesthestised and the damaged eye removed. The photos show this little frog with a breathing tube down and a pulse oximeter (like they put on your finger in hospital) to monitor the pulse and oxygenation.

Sticky recovered really well from the anaesthesia and surgery, and had the sutures out a week later at her revisit. She was eating well after she went home and her owners reported she was back to her normal self. 

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