Meet our Team

Our dedicated and knowledgable team members will help guide you and your pet toward a happy and healthy life.

Dr Jaclyn Gatt BVSc MVS

Veterinary Director

Dr Jaclyn Gatt graduated from Melbourne University in 2010 and worked for almost 5 years in one of Melbourne’s busiest hospitals as a small animal and exotic pet vet. She spent 2.5 years working in emergency and critical care before opening the Bird & Exotic Animal Clinic with Dr Glynnis in December 2016.

In February 2015 Jaclyn completed a Masters of Veterinary Studies in Conservation Medicine through Murdoch University, covering a wide range of species including those commonly kept as pets, along with zoo animals and wildlife. As part of the masters she spent a month working at the Auckland Zoo, gaining first hand experience in an even broader range of species including Tuatara!

Jaclyn is a professional interest practitioner with a vast range of experience seeing a large number of primary and referral exotic cases. her favourite topics include emergency and critical care of exotic pets, rabbit dentistry and soft tissue surgery.

A regular attendee at the AVA’s Unusual Pet and Avian Veterinarian’s conference (and UPAV Committee member), she is a member of AEMV (Association of Exotic Mammal Veterinarians) and the AAVAC (Association of Avian Veterinarians Australasian Committee). Add to this a lifetime of owning and caring for avian and exotic pets, and its no surprise where her passion has come from.

Dr Glynnis Lam BVSc

Veterinary Director

Dr Glynn grew up in the western suburbs of Melbourne always wanting to be a bird vet. She graduated from the University of Melbourne in 2009 and worked in a large busy hospital in Ballarat for six years. She soon became one of their primary clinicians for birds, exotics and wildlife, including after-hours and house or farm calls. Dr Glynn also looked after animals from Sovereign Hill and Ballarat Wildlife Park. In particular Glynn had great pleasure in helping the birds of prey brought in by local wildlife groups.

In 2015 Dr Glynn moved back to Melbourne to join the Greencross team at Springvale, one of few clinics in Victoria regularly seeing avian patients. She has worked at Springvale for nearly two years as a bird vet. She also looks after rabbits, guinea pigs, ferrets and rodents alongside dogs and cats at this clinic. Dr Glynn started the Bird and

Exotic Animal Clinic with Dr Jaclyn in late 2016 and now consults from both clinics.
In her spare time Dr Glynn can be found painting, sewing, costuming, or lavishing attention upon her feathered overlords. Her flock consists of five budgies, a blue throated conure, and a green cheeked conure. Growing up surrounded by birds, Dr Glynn has vast experience, knowledge and compassion when it comes to our feathered companions.

Dr Nicholas Doidge BSc DVM


Dr. Nick was born in South Africa and spent his early childhood exploring game reserves and almost being kidnapped by baboons before moving to North America. He grew up with a menagerie of animals including rats, mice, snakes, turtles, rabbits, birds and guinea pigs and completed a veterinary science undergraduate degree at the University of Arizona in the United States.

During his university degree he spent a semester doing student exchange at the University of Sydney and fell in love with the landscapes, wildlife, culture and people of Australia. When it was time to start veterinary school him and his partner pulled up their American roots to move to Melbourne and Nick enrolled in the new Doctor of Veterinary Medicine course at the University of Melbourne. After helping to organise wildlife and exotic student interests groups, research on wildlife topics, and placements with wildlife carers and zoos, Nick was certain he wanted to end up working with the more unusual and interesting types of animals rarely seen at most veterinary clinics.
After graduating with honours from the University of Melbourne, Nick was fortunate enough to become involved in the incredibly exciting project that is Jac and Glynn’s

Bird and Exotic Animal Clinic, and has become the most recent addition to the veterinary team at BEAC. He loves all aspects of exotic animal medicine, especially the interesting cases, unpredictability and incredibly caring owners. His animal children include a cheeky green-eyed black and white cat named Sneakers and a very handsome bearded dragon named Norbert.

Dr. Ollie


Dr-Ollie is our most recent addition to our team of veterinarians.

From a young age Ollie was fascinated by exotic and unusual animals, which led to him seeking work here at BEAC.

In the clinic Ollie can often be found drooling over exciting diagnostics and imaging, owing in part to a keen interest in physics and biochemistry in addition to biology and veterinary medicine. He has a particular soft spot for guinea pigs,aquatic life and amphibians however, his undying love for axolotls is unrivalled.
At home Ollie has been trying to keep his pets at a manageable level whilst a student with his 3 guinea pigs; Guts, a geriatric male and his entourage of two lovely ladies Iris and Saskia, as well as a modest aquarium dedicated to fancy shrimp. However with his new position at BEAC this is likely to spiral out of control as he inevitably settles down and expands his menagerie. Ollie’s life goals include construction of a massive orchard-come-guinea-pig-run and a (for legal purposes) ‘pond’ filled with thriving colony of axolotl!

When not at the clinic Ollie loves learning new things and skills and has an impulsive need to tinker with and understand how things work. His hobbies and abilities include (among many others) sewing, craft, cooking, gardening, beekeeping, DIY projects and watching YouTube at double speed.

Dr Rachel


Rachel is one of the casual veterinarians at BEAC. She graduated from the university of Melbourne in 2013 with a bachelor of veterinary science and a bachelor of animal science. She then worked in emergency and critical; care and in general practice in suburban Melbourne. Having owned birds as a child and with a love of reptiles and wildlife, she has gravitated towards exotics through most of her life and at university. Rachel is currently completing a masters of veterinary science in conservation medicine through Murdoch university to further her knowledge and understanding of the wide range of species seen in exotics practice. Although is enjoys seeing the wide range of species BEAC has to offer, she has a particular love of rabbits and snakes ( the bigger the better). In her spare time she enjoys playing music, choral singing and the latest fantasy novel.


Head Nurse

Sam started nursing in 2005 and since then has gone on to become certified and accredited and also possess an Advanced Programme in vet nursing reptiles and amphibians. With almost 450 hours of work experience in zoos and wildlife centres around Australia, along with years of experience in emergency work, she is passionate about the critical care side of her job, pathology, and the scaly patients we see at BEAC (especially crocodiles). Another passion of hers is sharing her knowledge through journal articles and her conference lectures. She is a mum to a dog, a snake and a little reptile obsessed boy.


Veterinary Nurse

Meg has a BSc majoring in Animal Health and is taking a year off study before starting uni to study veterinary science. She hopes to one day specialise in wildlife and is very excited about the huge amount of species she gets to work with at BEAC. When she isn’t at BEAC Meg also works in the cattery at the Lost Dogs Home. Meg has two spoilt cat babies and a Pomeranian who thinks he is ferocious.


Veterinary Nurse

 is a recent addition to the nursing team at BEAC, and is in her second year of the Doctor of Veterinary Medicine at UniMelb. Jess’s nursing experience lies with horses, so working with exotics is always an exciting learning curve! Jess looks forward to the creative challenges and fascinating array of species that come through the clinic, and is always in awe of the vets’ diverse knowledge. She enjoys hiking, art and is the godmother of her housemate’s two cockatiels, Luna & Belly.

June Allison

Practice Manager & Senior Veterinary Nurse

Prior to coming on board as the Bird & Exotic Animal Clinics Practice Manager June was the Canine Blood Bank Coordinator at the University of Melbourne. Here she sought out the perfect large breed dogs who were the ideal candidates for donating their blood to other pooches in emergency situations. June was also the Senior Nurse of the Emergency & Critical Care Department at U-Vet and holds a Diploma of Veterinary Nursing in Emergency & Critical Care as well as a Post Graduate Diploma in Veterinary Tech and a Certificate IV in Veterinary Nursing. June also worked in Melbourne Zoo’s Veterinary Department for several years as well as a variety of general practice, specialist and emergency centres around Melbourne.

June loves learning and teaching and is incredibly excited to be part of such a wonderful and much needed exotic clinic in Melbourne’s Inner West. Her particular interests lie in wildlife care and education, surgery, intensive care and environmental enrichment. In her spare time June loves to travel, keep active with lots of running, watch live music and drink lots of coffee. June is human mum to her two exceptionally naughty Beagles Sid & Daisy and two beautiful cats Mick & Sparrowcat.


Veterinary Nurse

has been working as a veterinary technician/nurse since 2008, becoming a certified veterinary technician in the USA in 2009. She very much enjoyed working at a busy small animal and exotics clinic in the States where she was assigned to a vet who saw all manner of weird and wonderful animals.

After moving to Australia in 2013, she joined the BEAC team early 2017 due to her passion for these types of animals and has been delighted with the amazing pets she has been able to help care for! At this time, she is working at BEAC on a casual basis due to her studies in the Doctor of Veterinary Medicine program at the University of Melbourne.

Kyla and her partner very much enjoy experiencing different cultures and travelling the world. They have one rather cheeky furry child- Sneakers the green-eyed black and white cat. They also have a scaled child by the name of Norbert, who is a delightful bearded dragon.


Veterinary Nurse

is a qualified Veterinary Nurse with experience working in welfare and shelter medicine, mixed practice, small animals and now exotics.

Her favourite patients are rodents, particulary rats.
At home, she cares for her 2 dogs Smudge and Brenda; 2 rats Snitch and skittles and 3 fish Crabbe, Goyle and Voldemort.

She is also a massive Harry Potter nerd.


Trainee Veterinary Nurse

Lisa is one of our trainee Veterinary Nurses at the Bird & Exotic Animal Clinic. She enjoys caring for (and spending heaps of time) with her three dogs, four budgies and canary. Lisa has a Cert IV in Japanese and is currently in her final year of an Associate Degree of Veterinary Nursing at Melbourne Polytechnic. Lisa has a passion for furthering her knowledge of wildlife and exotic species.


Veterinary Nurse

Steph has been with the BEAC team since early 2017 and is currently studying her cert 2 in animal studies. Her passion for exotic animals started when, at age 8, she got her first pet rabbit, Sam, and went on from there as she was never without animals in the house. Shes a very enthusiastic student who loves working with rabbits in particular. During her spare time se enjoys painting and being creative.


Veterinary Nurse

Jodie has been a vet nurse since 2016. It was something she had always wanted to do, and is very passionate about providing the best care she can to our patients big and small. She has a big interest in birds, especially the larger parrots, which is why she was drawn to working at BEAC. Shes loving learning about many other exotic creatures we see here.When shes not at work her time is taken up with her son or looking after her menagerie of parrots and 3 dogs.

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